Homeless Camp Meal Delivery Sign-Up

In an effort to eliminate the excess waste of food and resources at our local homeless camps, the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless (NACH) has developed a sign-up calendar to assist with the coordination of meals being provided in the Derrick Street and Cleveland Avenue camps. Groups, organizations, and individual advocates are asked to sign up for a time slot in this calendar for when you plan to visit the camp(s).

If you are planning on distributing more than just a meal please specify what your organization intends to distribute during your visit. For example blankets, hand warmers, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, etc. 

Each organization or individual that signs up for a slot and provides a meal will be responsible for providing trash bags and encouraging the camp residents to clean up after the event is completed. This will allow us to continue to serve these clients and set an example for them to be good stewards of community resources. When a shift is over, the camp should be as clean (or cleaner) as it was when the volunteer(s) arrived.

Each time slot is a window only and does not mean you are signing up for a mandatory 4 hours. You are agreeing to provide food (and whatever other goods you are distributing) at some point during your time slot. You are not required or expected to be present during the entire shift, but you agree to provide food at some point during your scheduled shift. 

Please note that this is a public calendar and will be accessible by anyone who chooses to visit our website, and the link to this calendar will be shared so that we may reach as many volunteers and feed as many homeless individuals as possible.

Participating agencies and individual advocates are independent of NACH, and NACH assumes no responsibility for their safety or actions.

Please take a moment to consult the calendars below to see what needs are already being met at each camp. Then choose the camp you wish to assist and sign up with the link provided, keeping in mind that our goal is to avoid duplication of services and excess waste.

Cleveland Avenue Camp Meal Sign-Up (CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE)

Derrick Street Camp Meal Sign-Up (CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE)