Resources - NACH, HMIS


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New HUD SNAPS Resources

National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC):

Guidelines and Policies Associated with NACH

NACH General Info
NACH Governance Charter
NACH Standards of Care
NACH Strategic Plan - Draft
Continuum of Care (CoC) Glossary
2013 Statewide Housing and Homelessness Conference Presentations
Centralized Assessment Information
HMIS Data Quality Measurement
Project Homeless Connect Toolkit
2014 Inclement Weather Letter
National Homeless Information Project's 2019 Performance Ranking of Homeless Continuums of Care
Press Release - Modestly Funded Huntsville Ranks 26th in the Nation Besting State Peers
City of Huntsville 2019 CAPER Draft

HMIS Documents

Benefits of HMIS Implementation
HMIS Privacy Policy Guidelines
Client Copy of HMIS Privacy Policy Summary
PromisSE Policies & Procedures
HMIS Public Notice Sign
HMIS Data Standards Manual
Release of Information (ROI) Agency List
Release of Information (ROI) Form